About us

Our global, livid-platform network includes our site  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and many subsidiary digital platforms.

We strive to attach highly taking into consideration our audience, and manage to pay for them news and entertainment worth sharing in imitation of their buddies, relatives, and the people who issue in their lives.

We have the go ahead obsessed culture and structure of a venture-backed tech company subsequent to an engineering team focused regarding building the media platform for today’s world, and the difficult.

We performance a global news supervision headquartered and an entertainment.

Our news and entertainment divisions help a following-door generation, terribly engaged audience that consumes video and content across platforms, upon mobile, and has an expectation that media will be relevant and similar to their lives, easily shareable, and globally accessible.

Our greatest hits are once-door to taking into account people upon a cloud scale and conduct yourself a significant role in connecting people to each choice. We are best known for exploding watermelons, The Dress, Tasty, hypersensitivity-winning news investigations, quizzes, and lists.