One of those emblem gods of the ancient Egypt is Anubis. He is the Greek adaptation of his name and those ancient Egyptians identified him as Inpu or Anpu. Anubis was a very ancient deity whose identity appeared in the aged mastabas of an Old Kingdom and a Pyramid Texts as the protector and guardian of the dead. Anubis was originally the lord of the underworld however he became specifically associated with funeral rites and the embalming process. Anubis as a name came from the similar root as the name for the royal child, “inpu”. But, it is closely connected to the name “inp” that means “to decay”, then the other descriptions of his name Anp or Inp more closely looks like that name. As an outcome, it is probable that his name altered slightly once Anubis had been adopted to be the offspring of the god and King, Osiris. He was identified as “nub-tA-djser” or the “lord of a scared land” and “Imy-ut” or “He Who is at a Place of Embalming”.

Anubis was originally connected to an Ogdoad of Hermopolis, being the lord of the underworld. At a Pyramid Text of Unas, Anubis became connected with an Eye of Horus that acted as the guide to the deceased and assist them in finding Osiris. In the other myths Wepwawet (Upuaut) and Anubis led the dead to the hallway of Ma´at wherein they would be assessed. Anubis observed with the entire procedure and make sure that the balancing of the heart had been conducted correctly. Anubis then guided the naive on to the heavenly existence and discarded the remorseful to Ammit.

The prehistoric Egyptians thought that the conservation of the cadaver and the application of sweet-scented herbs and plants could assist the deceased since Anubis could inhale the mummy and will only allow the pure shift on to paradise. Based on early myths, Anubis seizes on and beaten the nine bows (a group name for the conventional enemies of Egypt) heading a further epithet the “Jackal ruler of a bow”.

The increasing strength of the Enneads of Heliopolis effected in the integration of the two holy systems. On the other hand, Osiris was the ruler of the Underworld at the Ennead and Osiris’s was more powerful and more than Anubis. And so Anubis was demoted to the god of mummification. In saving face, it was said that Anubis had willingly given up his stance when Osiris passed away as showing his respect. Some of the myths even said that Anubis was an Osiris’s son with Nephthys (whom herself, was associated with funeral rites). Anubis then, was still closely concerned in the weighing or balancing of the heart, though he was more of a guardian than the ruler.Anubis became the supporter of lost souls with orphans, and with the supporter of the funeral rite. In this reverence he overlapped and eventually absorbed with the Jackal Lord Wepwawet of the Upper Egypt.

During the Period of Ptolemaic, Anubis became connected with the Greek lord Hermes as the compound god Hermanubis. Anubis was principally the guide for those that are already dead, while Hermes was the messenger of the god.

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