The Legend of Osiris, Isis and Set

There were some disparity on the myth of Osiris, but generally, the tale started with Osiris as a king of the prehistoric Egyptians. Moreover, through giving his wife and his sister Isis with a power to govern in his part when he is gone, spreading civilization, or in the other’s real envy, Osiris annoyed his brother Set. Osiris’ success was hated by Set and is alleged to have planned to kill Osiris, his brother after Nephthys, Set’s wife, pretended as Isis and seduced Osiris. Anubis, another god, was the outcome of their union and in some versions it says that Set had also lusted after Isis.

As an attracting side note, Nephthys was alleged to have been unproductive before she got pregnant with Osiris’ child. This side of the fable was later connected to the Egyptian wild flowers which did not bloom for so many years, until a massive flood (Osiris) assisted the unfruitful land (Nephthys) to become fertile and give them with life (god Anubis). Myths also thought Anubis respect his father Osiris, though giving him the title being the lord of the Underworld.

Set is Osiris’ brother and also another important prehistoric Egyptian deity had a painting on the New Kingdom tomb.

The chest that some says inspired the designs for the Egyptian sarcophagi, had carried out to the sea and then appear to rest in the tamarisk tree cultivating near the Byblos in Phoenicia. This tree grew just around the god that was in the coffin, then, he stayed there until his death. The local king then decided that he liked the similar tree and, without knowledge of the body of Osiris that is inside it, had this turned into a piece for his palace.

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Written by Grann Osiris

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