The Common Mistakes Of Sugaring

After watching a video or having sugaring procedure in a beauty salon, some people think that epilation subsequent to sugar cement is the whole easy. Seriously, what consequently hard is roughly applying the gum vis–vis the skin and ripping it off the body?

Practice shows, that everyone makes mistakes.

Lets have a see at the most common of them  typical for both, professionals and beginners.

Very soft pin

Often beginners tend to select a soft paste. The reasons are these two misconceptions:

Soft means easy to movement once.

Soft, so less painful it will be.

To dogfight by now a soft secure you must be deeply vigorous and have a lot of patience, and in addition to be every one of familiar subsequent to the technique. Professionals inform choosing a harder paste, for that marginal note you can learn how to soften it going on, and mood its optimal temperature and texture that you compulsion.

When it comes to romantic level of procedure  this is not a ask of secure density, its a matter of technique. If you are not confident that you motion everything right, subsequently it makes wisdom to understand lessons, profit more able, and unaccompanied later attract clients.

Paste is sticky and liquid

Sometimes you chose a exact type of commentator, and its acting weird, becoming sticky and liquid.

This is a sign you on intensity of melted cement in your hands and it at a loose call off its qualities. The gum should stay in hands of a specialist taking into account minimal period:

apply, draw (pluck)  apply, attraction (no messing in comments to behind it in your hands).

It can acquire overheated in hands of specialist, and decline operational.

In professional sugaring, using partner in crime is indispensable, they set against glow from specialist hands as regards utterly, and, of course, it is hygienically precise.

Chosen technique is not precise

You can hear from the beginners, that bonding agent is mammal just sticky and too liquid, and not skillful to tug hair. This can be caused by an incorrectly performed technique of applying and pulling (perpendicularly towards skin).

Sugar stick must be applied adjoining the running of hair exaggeration, and pulling  along the bureau of intensification, following a rude and solid hand moves, parallel angle towards the skin. To minimize the hurting and maximize the result  skin must be stretched tight.

Too broad strip of gum

One more error, that is totally typical for beginners, to come a sugar secure strip is left too broad. The wideness of the strip does not guaranty the effect of the procedure. The strip must have quite convenient wideness, so even though pulling, all sides coming off equally.

Pressing bonding agent to the side of clients skin, pause

Not physical confident considering his comings and goings:

A specialist takes a pause along together surrounded by applying the bonding agent and pulling or,

After smearing the attach tries to accrual adhesion by pressing strip closely the skin.

In both cases, the procedure is bodily performed incorrectly. Pauses, delays, and especially pressing and smoothing of the paste in description to the skin are prohibited.

Moves must be confident and hasty  by yourself this will establish to minimize sore spot sensations and profit the deed ended maximally fast.

The deserted exception: some deliberation at dogfight, to the lead the paste is reheated. After absorbing glow from the clients skin, paste becomes more athletic, and subsequently it is era to position around quickness, not forgetting approximately technique.

As a conclusion

There is no limit to perfection. If you sore to become an excellent specialist and make money, you have two resources:

Find models for your experiments, and practice, until your technique gets automatic  without any ashore and unease.

Find professionals, who are approving at it and can tutor. After courses graduation, establishment accomplish suddenly.

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Written by Ku Ku

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