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What is the average time needed to get intravaginal ejaculation?

I understand that sex is more than an attempt to insert a penis into the vagina so that ejaculation occurs, but other things related to sex are not always easy to define (kissing? Rubbing?). To keep this discussion simple and specific, we will focus on ejaculation.

Measuring the average time to ejaculate is not something that can be done directly. Maybe you think what about asking people how long does it take to ejaculate? There are at least two main problems in such an approach. First, people tend to be biased in a long time in estimating the time of ejaculation, because socially you are expected to survive all night.

Another problem is that people don’t usually know how much time they have when having sex. It’s not unusual for people to have sex while watching the clock next to the bed, and it may be difficult to estimate the time when making love without being helped by someone else.

calculate the average time of ejaculation in 500 couples from all countries who count their lovemaking time for four weeks using a stopwatch.

It sounds strange, participants press the “start” button when there is penetration and press the “stop” button when ejaculating. You might think this would damage the mood, and not fully reflect the natural thing. But science is rarely perfect, and the research above is the best we have found so far.

The most surprising results show there are many variations of time. The average time needed for each partner (taken on average during their sex) ranges from 33 seconds to 44 minutes. That means 80 times the difference.

So it is quite clear that there is no normal amount of time to measure body relationships. Nonetheless, the average time for all pairs was 5.4 minutes. This means if you line up with 500 couples who have a short to long time, the pair in the middle row has an average time of 5.4 minutes when they do it.

But for those of you who feel have problems with ejaculation such as premature ejaculation, which can not give satisfaction to the duration of your partner, you can try consuming Vigrx Plus supplements, because there are already many who prove the results of Vigrx Plus.

Because the effectiveness of VigRX Plus pills can easily be distributed from the very strong and enriched libido enhancer, natural and aphrodisiac erectile precursors. That superior material starts to carry out work quickly when they find their way to the user’s body. These ingredients then directly affect your body’s nitric oxide levels to quickly help individuals actually relax soft corpus cavernosa muscle tissue. This is then connected to the arterioles to help increase your blood flow to the shaft of the penis to produce a thicker and fuller erection. In addition, the aphrodisiac and testosterone boosters contained in this supplement will also help increase your sexual desire tremendously, improve your overall sexual function and sexual health.

By consuming Vigrx Plus regularly with doses that are according to the rules you will get:

1. Extraordinary strength is enhanced for erections

2. Corrections that are stronger, stronger, and more durable

3. Fully free of all kinds of negative effects

4. Repeat and enjoy the increased orgasm

5. Attracting amplification of sexual stimuli

6. There is no wooziness or cramping

7. All natural ingredients

8. A very comprehensive money back guarantee

9. Improved superiority in your libido level

Overall, VigRX plus are highly worth the investment, as it will change your life for the better. They are completely easy to incorporate to your life, and the best part is that it won’t harm your body in any negative way whatsoever. It works instantly and will continue working for a long period of time.

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