What are the advantages of having a medical marijuana card?

Patients who have medical marijuana cards get many benefits. In this article, we will walk you through some of the advantages of having a medical marijuana card and answer any questions you may have. An alternative option if you are considering getting a medical marijuana card is to contact medical marijuana doctors in Missouri. They will be able to assist you with any additional card-related questions.

Treating Your Qualifying Condition

Medical marijuana offers relief to patients suffering from various diseases, which can be treated using cannabis.  A good doctor will determine if your condition or its symptoms can be treated using cannabis. Contact a certified doctor today if you are not sure whether your ailment is considered a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

Doctors perform evaluations before giving patients medical marijuana recommendations in Missouri. These doctors can help you treat your condition or its symptoms using medical marijuana. Whether you are looking for pain relief, appetite stimulation, or relief from seizures, there is a type of medical marijuana product that can treat your condition. 

Access To High-Quality Standardized Marijuana

Medical marijuana is highly regulated at every stage in production. The growing, distribution, and sale of medical marijuana are licensed and regulated by the state. Patients can therefore get access to high-quality medical marijuana products that are standardized. You can get products that are organic and of the same potency each time you purchase them using your marijuana card.

If you just got your medical marijuana card, you will need to visit a well-staffed dispensary that can evaluate your needs and recommend the best product to treat your symptoms or condition. 

Exemption From Retail Taxes

Medical marijuana patients are exempted from paying retail sales tax on their medicine. The state exempts medical marijuana products from retail taxes in a bid to make the medicine more available and affordable to all patients who may require it. The exemption from retail taxes can save patients thousands of dollars over the years.

Legal Protection

A medical marijuana card proves that you are allowed to legally possess certain amounts of medical marijuana. Patients are legally obliged to purchase medical marijuana from the licensed dispensary and no other source. Buying marijuana from an unlicensed source or possessing more than the legal limit can subject you to fines or jail time. Medical weed cards, Missouri also protect patients from being fired or discriminated against at their workplace.

Growing Your Own Marijuana

Medical marijuana cardholders are allowed to apply to grow a certain number of plants. Even though growing plants can be expensive and time-consuming, it is worth it for patients who want to ensure organic medicine. Patients who have applied to grow their own marijuana can also possess more cannabis than medical marijuana cardholders who have not. You can always visit our Missouri Green Team office for more information on medical marijuana cards.

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