Woman Who Lost 130 Lbs. Shares Photo of Her Loose Skin

Jordaan Spark was 250 lbs. later than she married her husband, and never thought he would be practiced to pick her occurring. So once she free 130 lbs. after two years of dedicated diet and exercise and he was swift to lift her, she wanted to share the milestone upon Instagram  even even even even though this intended putting her lost skin upon display.

Ive never had anyone pick me taking place back I was a kid, and I was harshly 250 lbs. subsequent to I reconnected taking into account my husband, therefore I never would even permit him mean, the Bastrop, Texas-based stay-at-home mother, 24, tells PEOPLE. So plus he picked me happening bearing in mind no hesitation, I was again the moon. I wanted to document it along in the company of a portray appropriately that I could share my non-scale victory when my weight loss community, because its a beautiful huge mixture!


The occasion happened even if Spark was wearing a swimsuit, and admits she initially hesitated to part the photo.

For a split second, I thought, I cant attachment this, my skin looks injury, but later moment I posted it anyways because Ive worked suitably hard to lose this weight, she says. I dont demonstrative to sugarcoat everything. This is me and the skin I alive in all hours of day.

Spark never conventional her photo to go viral, but it now has greater than 48,000 likes.

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Written by Marline Jone

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