With an established link to understanding people’s body and mind, Hannah Jackson has turned her year-on-year studies into a formidable tool to create and promote harmony in the workplace. She has documented statistics that these sessions not only assist in establishing a better working environment but also, on the back of this, she has seen an upturn in business growth, sales and projections from all her clients to date.

Hannah very much relies on a mixture of people engaging with her services, so she understands the benefits of working with other business. “It’s all about empowering communication,” Hannah explains,  “I teach people how to be more active as opposed to being passive at work or at home. Actions, actions and more actions create growth”

Having discovered that she could mind-read at the age of seven, she has helped people from all over the world transform themselves by visiting homes and workplaces and sometimes using only the room pictures they share with her from a mobile phone!

Making a link between the power of objects in the home or the work place, our room-reader changes lives and provides a unique insight into many aspects of day-to-day life.

A published author and public speaker whose unique gifts allow her to tell guests about their past, present and future through a simple picture, Hannah can tell you about yourself from every room in your house including your garden and also your office or work space.

Hannah provides life-coaching for small business owners, although this is far from ‘dry’: she is qualified in law and drama. They make interesting companions and has given her business with ten staff, genuine experience and many testimonials. These sessions can also be adapted to make a great team-building exercise laced with wry observational humour, hands-on exercises, group and individual activities and interesting thought processes…the days of an 8 hour lecture by over-head projector have long since departed!

Transform your working environment, increase growth, experience increased harmony in the office and promote well-being. – Book Hannah Jackson now for an introductory consultation.


Introductory session

Curious about what Hannah can offer?

Book our 1 hour introductory offer where Hannah can outline and demonstrate how it all works. You can then book the full session at your leisure.

£175 plus vat

Mind-reading staff

3 hour session with 15 minute break (We also recommend a second follow-up session to gauge results but this is not mandatory)

With a focus on office environments, transforming staff in the office or another location; ideal for team-building. This session is based on a morning or afternoon session accommodating approximately 3 hours with a comfort break half-way through. Staff will be encouraged to interact, join in activities and transform the working environment into a positive space.

Session fee (based on 1 session of 3 hours): £375 plus vat

If you have more than 20 people extra sessions will be charge at £295 plus vat if taken in the same day.

Follow-up session to assess changes/affects and impact and address any issues £100 plus vat – This is normally booked around 3 months after the main session and will last around 1 hour, but it is not mandatory.

For more details visit:

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