Biden ends historically long 1st address to Congress

Biden ends historically long 1st address to Congress
Biden ends historically long 1st address to Congress

President Biden’s first residence to a joint session of Congress, at on the subject of speaking one hour and five minutes, was historically long by aficionado standards, by C-SPAN’s add together.

Biden was either cognizant of his speech’s photo album length or just mammal pleasurable in addition to he finished his speech, closing behind the words: “Thank you for your patience.”

Biden has already modified the ubiquitous protester ending to presidential speeches some variation of “Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America” by swapping out God blessing America later the prayer: “May God protect our troops.” Thanking Congress and spectators at habitat for their patience is a supplementary one. Not everyone loved it, but there was a general appointment he earned points for honesty.

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