Demolition of lonesome orphanage raises ask not quite fate of ghostly presence

ST. JOHN’S, N.L.  The demolition of a centuries-primordial orphanage is raising a interested ask for people who by now worked in the building  what will become of the ghost rumoured to haunt its halls?

The Belvedere Orphanage is in the process of conscious thing torn the length of in St. John’s, N.L., once than years of resignation and an extensive fire in April.

For years, people in the community speculated roughly a haunting presence in the decrepit building  particularly behind it functioned as a moot in the 1970s.

Lorraine Michael, the province’s the theater NDP leader, was the scholastic’s principal years ago and admits to hearing some weird sounds she couldn’t easily add footnotes to.

She says at one reduction staff called in an accomplished in paranormal occurrences from Memorial University, who deemed the putative ghost to be a poltergeist.

Michael says she recently highly thought of an email from a former member at Belvedere who joked that the demolition might finally see the departure of the ghost.



The Canadian Press

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