Dog ‘Scientist’ Sits vis–vis Editorial Board of Medical

A Staffordshire terrier named Ollie has an weird second job  he moonlights on the subject of the editorial board of seven swing medical journals.

Ollie’s nom de plume is Dr. Olivia Doll, and according to her CV, she’s an clever in “canine rub” and holds a degree from Subiaco College of Veterinary Science.

No, the pit bull isn’t the smartest dog just roughly the planet  he’s favorably the product of a abnormal system. Ollie’s owner is Mike Daube, a public health intellectual at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, reported Perth Now. Daube used Ollie’s fiddle when ego Dr. Doll to test how deliberately scientific journals vet their reviewers and editorial boards. (Science journals typically ask experts in the ground, called peer reviewers, to log on submitted articles for their impact re the sports ground, and those upon the editorial board are a step taking place from the basic peer reviewer.)

Daube dreamed occurring the Staffie’s credentials  including rider do its stuff at Shenton Park Institute for Canine Refuge Studies, aka the dog shelter, and aptitude in the role of “domestic canines in promoting optimal mental health in ageing males”  later submitted her make known as a reviewer to fused journals. Several well-liked Doll’s credentials. In her stint as editor, Doll has shared her operate upon topics as disparate as respiratory medicine, psychoanalysis and drug abuse, Perth Now reported. Some have even published a photo of Doll (actually Kylie Minogue wearing glasses), according to the article. [Photos: Hilarious Animal Antics]

While reputable journals usually scrutinize a scientist’s credentials and research, some journals suit exorbitant fees in row for publishing on the subject of any papers submitted by scientists. Ollie has revealed just how shoddy the vetting practice is at some of these pay-for-statement journals, Daube said.

“While this started as something lighthearted, I think it is important to tune shams of this beatific which prey vis–vis the gullible, especially youthful or naive academics and those from developing countries,” Daube told Perth Now.

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Written by Jessica Rose

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