Donald Trump’s Newfound Lisp Has The Internet Going Crazy

Donald Trump is normally in the news for what he says, but today was a vary excuse. A landmark speech made by the President has been all the chat upon social media because of how he was speaking. Specifically, we’concerning talking about a newfound lisp that just seemed to appear out of nowhere and, as of this writing, no one knows how he got there.

Trump’s slurred speech was the major talking mitigation after he concluded his public appearance, which marred the significance of the occasion a tiny bit. He became the first President of the United States to resign yourself to on Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city in 70 years, but along together moreover the clarity of his words began to go oblique towards the cease of his text, the questions started on high online. Check out the video scuff deadened and see for yourself.

The maybe version is that Trump had either a retainer and/or dentures in his mouth that he was having atmosphere unwell keeping in area, but that didn’t buttonhole Twitter conspiracy theorists from theorizing new reasons for the lisp, including drugs use and calculation questionable affect. Below is a sampling of the online confession to Trump’s slurred speech.

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