Far-Right Journalist Arrested After Appearing To Grab Woman During Campus Event

Far-Right JA controversial far and wide away-right reporter was arrested Tuesday night as soon as an altercation at a University of Connecticut matter where he was speaking, a scholarly circles spokesperson said.

Lucian Wintrich, 29, the White House correspondent for the conservative website The Gateway Pundit, had been giving a speech advertised as It Is OK To Be White taking into consideration a girl approached his lectern and took some papers off of it.

Video from the scene shows Wintrich chasing after the girl and grabbing her in what appeared to be attempt to snatch the papers proclamation. Campus police speedily stepped in and escorted him out of the room.

He was then taken into custody and charged as soon as breach of the peace in the by now monster released not quite an $1000 sticking together, the university spokesperson said. Photos perform a crowd of protesters subsequent to the police car that took him away.

Meanwhile, disorder ensued in the lecture hall where Wintrich had been speaking. Someone broke one of the lecture halls windows and threw a smoke bomb into the room as attendees were clearing out, a academic world spokesperson said. Police arrested UConn student Sean Miller, 19, in relationship taking into account the broken window. He was proud releasedournalist Arrested After Appearing To Grab Woman During Campus Event

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