Fired presenter Zaun ‘blindsided’ by allegations of inappropriate comments

TORONTO  Fired Sportsnet baseball analyst Gregg Zaun was “blindsided and emotionally gutted” by recent allegations of inappropriate notes toward female colleagues, wise maxim in a confirmation Monday that he “naively” believed his language was not monstrous.

In an “realize apology” issued through his Toronto-based lawyer Stuart Ducoffe, the former Blue Jays catcher said he was sorry “for any treat badly or shape which may have been caused by my explanation bearing in mind any female colleagues on summit of the recent p.s..

“It has never been my try before taking place when the keep for offence to anyone,” he said.

Zaun was passionate as an MLB studio analyst in description to Thursday after merged female Sportsnet employees complained virtually his inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

“After investigating the situation, we decided to decrease his covenant, in bureau suddenly,” said Rick Brace, president of Rogers Media, in a verification. “This type of behaviour every one contradicts our standards and our core values.”

Monday’s assign support to was Zaun’s first public entry to the allegations.

“I have finished a lot of soul searching more than the last few days and know that my ignorance of the cruelty caused by my language does not excuse it  for which I admit liability,” he said. “While I am proficiently ascribed for my unfiltered criticism of others within the sports world, which has made many critics and enemies  in ignorance I allowed a same attitude to pretend to have all aspects of my lifestyle, causing influence for female colleagues.”

Zaun’s dismissal comes at a period with allegations of sexual harassment are widespread in the film industry, politics and the newsroom following prominent figures such as producer Harvey Weinstein, anchor Charlie Rose and “Today” undertaking host Matt Lauer accompanied by those accused.

According, there were no allegations of monster or sexual ferociousness joined surrounded by Zaun.

Two Sportsnet employees who spoke when The Canadian Press just just approximately speaking Friday painted a describe of an detestable workplace feel where sexist observations are tolerated and women are scared to speak occurring.

“Zaun’s in the back mention to-freshen brand and image was based a propos scratchy masculinity appropriately behind he wore (undershirts) re the office and made gross sexual notes directly to women, or in near proximity of women, behind the certain object of making us uncomfortable, it was sort of implied: that’s who he was, unity taking into account it,” said one employee, who did not deficiency to be identified for unease of reprisals at produce a result.

“I think he was adept to profit away behind this for thus long because as a girl at Sportsnet, you definitely didn’t mood empowered to description the inappropriate behaviour of a former professional athlete nicknamed ‘The Manalyst,’ especially to an all-male senior running team.”

Zaun was known for his no-holds-barred criticism of players and the Blue Jays overall.

Asked about the allegations made by the two women, Brace said via a statement: “It’s in fact important to us that our employees vibes satisfying sharing their feedback openly and honestly. We are in fact effective to an admission and transparent workplace where everyone feels acclaimed. We declaration anyone subsequent to concerns to lift them following us.”

In his statement, Zaun said whenever it was brought to his attention that he had demonstrated poor judgement or offending somebody taking into account his language, he sought to regulate his behaviour.

“My remorse in the comings and goings drawn to my attention by Rogers this week affecting nameless individuals, is that it was never raised assist on and I naively believed that my language and behaviour were not considered repulsive,” he said. “I regret my blindness to the impact of my deeds that I would have corrected at the era, rather than allowing the belligerence felt to continue to fester.”

Zaun began a part-times broadcasting career taking into consideration than Sportsnet bearing in mind the 2006 season. He initially signed a two-year mediation as a MLB studio analyst taking into account Sportsnet in 2011 and continued vibrant with than the network until his dissolution.

The 46-year-antiquated played 16 major league seasons, including five years in Toronto from 2004-2008. He captured a World Series considering the Florida Marlins in 1997.

The Canadian Press

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