History of international mother language day

21 February International Mother Language Day is observed throughout the world.This daylight promotes Multilingualism. The hours of hours of daylight creates attentiveness of diversified language and culture concerning the world 21st February International Mother language Day is intensely praised.

Before the year of 1999, the hours of daylight was much-admired as Basha Dibosh in Bangla or language simulation hours of daylight in Bangladesh. After the publication of UNESCO in 1999 , the day is highly praised through out the world as IMLD (International Mother Language Day)

21st February Bangladesh chronicles

There is no one in the world who dont concern a pedestal mom tongue. It is a facility of Devine. 21st February has a unique chronicles.Pakistan gained independence from Great Britain in 1947. Two nation has emerged in the world map. These are India and Pakistan. It is noteworthy that Pakistan is separated into two regions. East Pakistan (Present Bangladesh) and West Pakistan(Present Pakistan). Majority of the people of West Pakistan spoke in Bangla. Pakistan Government imposed Urdu as a mother language hours of daylight. People of west Pakistan stood adjoining this decision.Different seminars rallies are held adjoining this decision. In 1952 Pakistani Government imposed section 144 adjoining the general people of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh fracture the section 144. Pakistani police shot the general people in stomach of Dhaka Medical College. Salam, Barket, Rafique, Jabber, Shafiul had been killed regarding this hours of daylight. The people of East Pakistan stood adjoining the admin.They started a charity adjacent-door to the running policy as quickly as supervision. At last Pakistan supervision had to deem Bangla as State Language of East Pakistan.From that hours of day, the daylight was celebrated as a Basha Dibosh in Bangladesh or Shaheed Dibosh / Language Movement Day. The day is a public holiday in Bangladesh. This is the sudden history of Bengali Language Movement. In Bangladesh, this to-do is known as Bhasa Andolan in Bengali.

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