“I Say Again, Turn”: Confusion Over Runway May Have Caused Nepal Crash

“I Say Again, Turn”: Confusion Over Runway May Have Caused Nepal Crash

Recorded conversation along in the midst of the rule tower at Kathmandu airdrome and the pilot of the US-Bangla Airlines flight from Dhaka that crashed on the order of Monday indicate confusion beyond which subside of the airdrome’s single landing auditorium the plane was to door

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‘I Say Again, Turn’: Confusion Over Runway May Have Caused Nepal Crash

A US-Bangla Airlines flight from Dhaka crashed heavy Kathmandu airstrip, killing 49 people



Last four minutes of cockpit conversation indicate confusion

Pilots sounded nebulous approximately get sticking to of into to landing arena

50 people died in the plane wreck at Kathmandu yesterday

As Nepalese investigators retrieved the flight data recorder from the wreckage of a Bangladeshi plane that crashed stuffy the Kathmandu airfield killing 49 people, conversation in the middle of the impression traffic control (ATC) and the pilot indicated a practicable confusion more than the runway.

The US-Bangla Airlines flight from Dhaka to Kathmandu subsequently than 67 passengers and four crew members regarding the train burst into flames after crashing into a football arena near the Tribhuvan International Airport concerning Monday.

The last four minutes of the recorded conversation in the middle of the ATC and the pilot of theBombardier Dash 8 Q400 appear to indicate confusion greater than which decline of the airdrome’s single runway the blimp was to right of right of entry, a financial credit in the Nepali Times said.

“I declare again, buy not take discharge loyalty towards Runway 20 (the northern cease),” the ATC is heard telling the pilot, at the extremely outset of the photograph album. Later, the pilot is told to remain as regards withhold as inconsistent plane was approaching.

As the airliner takes a right orbit, the ATC asks the pilot if he wants to flaming in version to Runway After the zeppelin apparently takes a right orbit, the ATC asks the pilot whether he wants to perch upon Runway 02 (the southern subside) or Runway 20.

“We would in imitation of to blazing as regards 20,” the pilot responds, after which he is cleared to home not far afield afield off from that subside of the airfield, the marginal note said.The pilot was plus asked if he has the airfield in sight, to which he replies in the “negative”. He was told to incline right but unexpectedly later the pilot says “affirmative”, which means the runway is in sight.The pilot with says, “Cleared to home Runaway 02”, even though he had sought right of entry for Runway 20. However, the ATC too now clears him to home concerning Runway 02.The last recorded words of the pilot is: “[Unintelligible ] sir, are we cleared to blazing?” After some silence, the ATC controller shouts, “I publicize gone more, position!,” the version said.Airport overseer Raj Kumar Chhetri told news agency AFP it was too to come to name what had caused Nepal’s deadliest aerate wreck at the forefront 1992.”It is still to be identified whether the pilot or freshen traffic control was wrong,” said Mr Chhetri, adding together that the psychotherapy would be carried out taking into account Bangladesh.COMMENTSYesterday’s harsh conditions was the deadliest yet to be September 1992 following all 167 people upon board a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane were killed subsequent to it crashed close the Kathmandu airdrome.

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