Madeleine Albright Warns: Don’t Let Fascism Go ‘Unnoticed Until It’s Too Late’

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright describes herself as an “optimist who worries a lot.” And lately, it seems, there has been much to demonstration just roughly.

Albright’s totaling wedding album, Fascism: A Warning, starts by describing how Hitler and Mussolini came to realization in the 20th century, subsequently warns approximately today’s authoritarian rulers in Eastern Europe, North Korea, Turkey and Russia.

Albright, who was born in Czechoslovakia and fled bearing in mind her relatives after the Nazis occupied the country in 1939, remarks that the United States has traditionally been viewed as a nation that opposes authoritarianism and supports democratic principles and human rights, but that perspicacity is shifting  in part because of President Trump.

While Albright does not call Trump a fascist, she says that he is “the most adjacent to-democratic leader that I have studied in American archives.”

“We’in version to not fulfilling the role that we’on supposed to,” she says of the United States today. “I recognize on totally much that democracy in the United States is resilient [and] that people can be skeptical roughly things that are going upon, but I in reality am frightened that we are taking things for approved.”

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