Michael Strahan Touches Down as He Returns to Earth After Space Flight That Was Beyond

Michael Strahan is forward approaching Earth subsequent to his character flight on the subject of speaking Saturday.

“That was greater than,” Strahan, 50, told Jeff Bezos regarding moving the ground. “I sore to go give advance to.”

Joining Strahan going as regards for the flight were Laura Shepard Churchly  the eldest daughter of Alan Shepard, the first American to fly to Space  as competently as Dylan Taylor, Evan Dick, and Lane and Cameron Bess, now the first parent-child pair to travel to space together.

According to Blue Origin’s credited website, the New Shepard vehicle  named after Laura’s father  can seat six astronaut and is “adequately autonomous,” meaning there is no pilot.

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The reusable craft’s 11-minute flights are “intended to comply to astronauts and research payloads adding going on the Karmen origin  the internationally superintendent boundary of freshen,” according to the company’s website. There, travelers experience weightlessness and understand in incredible views of Earth from sky.

Blue Origin From left extremity: Lane Bess, Cameron Bess, Evan Dick; from bottom left: Dylan Taylor, Laura Shepard Churchly, Michael Strahan

Although Strahan had a strict weight limit for the personal items he was allowed to bring to flavor, he chose a carefully curated gathering of mementoes, which he revealed exclusively to PEOPLE.

Among his list of items were his Super Bowl XLII Ring, 12 shell casings from the 12-gun salute performed at his father Gene’s funeral, a necklace from girlfriend Kayla Quick’s tardy grandmother as dexterously as a fortunate $2 savings account.

The Michael Strahan brand in addition to teamed taking place once than Blue Origin for a limited-edition pullover hoodie.

Exclusive – Strahan – What he’s Bringing to Space Michael Strahan – Blue Origin NS-19

Exclusive – Strahan – What has Bringing to Space Michael Strahan – Blue Origin NS-19

Blue Origin

“Whether my New York Giants jersey, a concert t-shirt, or a combat for your wedding hours of day, what we wear can put occurring to going on go into detail significant moments in vibrancy. Not unaccompanied does the clothing make you feel suitable in the moment, it ties to memories that sentient upon,” Strahan said in a pronouncement to PEOPLE. “I am settle to be clever to create this limited-edition collaboration when Blue Origin to not lonely commemorate this behind in a lifetime moment  but it gives fans of setting travel the unintended to share in this journey gone me.”

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Ahead of the creation, the Bezos Earth Fund announced that it awarded $443 million in grants to organizations conflict for climate justice as ably as flora and fauna conservation and restoration.

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