Natalie Portman details ‘sexual terrorism’ she faced as a juvenile in Hollywood

Natalie Portman lent her voice to the Women’s March Saturday, and revealed that the public’s demeaning sexualizing of her at just 13 led her to streamline her career unaccompanied to roles that made her atmosphere safe from what she called “an feel of sexual terrorism.”

Portman, 36, spoke to a crowd of progressive than 500,000 at the march in downtown Los Angeles Saturday, and said her first taste of sexual harassment came after she starred in her first film, 1994’s “Leon: The Professional.

The Oscar-winning actress told the audience that her vibrancy for the general pardon of the film, in which she played a youth girl seeking revenge for her associates’s murder, speedily soured considering than the focus turned from her acting abilities to her sex pull.”I vigorously opened my first addict mail to right of entry a rape fantasy that a man had written me. A countdown was started regarding my local radio be ill to my 18th birthday, euphemistically the daylight I would be true to nap behind. Movie reviewers talked more or less my budding breasts in reviews,” she said.

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