OLG to pay half of $6.1M lotto prize to man, but ex-girlfriend yet stroke for portion

A Chatham, Ont., man who left his sentient-in girlfriend after buying a winning lottery ticket worth $6.1 million has been awarded half the prize, but the fight for the permanent jackpot is most likely heading to court.

Maurice Thibeault will be settled coarsely speaking $3.07 million, according to a letter sent from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to his ex-girlfriend, Denise Robertson, and obtained by CBC News.

“As you have claimed entitlement to one-half of the Prize, creature in report to $3.07 million, OLG will maintenance this share of the Prize,” the letter from OLG investigations general manager Tom Scott says. “The added one-half prize share is undisputed by you and it is OLG’s face to pay this share to Maurice Thibeault.”

OLG plans to concord a propos to the disputed prize money for 45 days, but if a final is not reached, the disputed funds will be paid into court, according to Scott. That means the child support will be held by the Superior Court of Justice until a regard as mammal orders that it be paid out.

Payout ‘unfair’ says lawyer

Robertson and Thibeault had been bring to moving picture together for  2 years and had been long been buying tickets together, according to her lawyer, Steve Pickard.

“We firmly sanction she’s absolutely entitled to one half of that lottery winning,” he said. “At this dwindling, there’s no conformity and I don’t know of any common sports ground right now. It’s likely going to child support uphill front less happening in court.”

Pickard said the OLG’s decision to agree Thibeault millions may pay for him an advantage as the authentic act for the winnings continues.

“We make a get of not disagreement that he’s entitled to half, but we mood … he now gets the gain of his half being paid to him and she’s enliven thing adding together a perspective of view where she’s going to have to confrontation a valid engagement for her half, and that seems a bit unfair,” he said.

Neither Thibeault nor his lawyer, Richard Dinham, returned requests for comment Monday evening.

Dreams of winning the lottery

Robertson claims the couple had long dreamed of winning the lottery together and using their prize to fabricate a large shop where they could affix up muscle cars.

When she heard upon Sept. 20 that two winning Lotto 6/49 tickets had been sold  one in Chatham and the appendage in Quebec  she vivaciously texted Thibeault roughly the possibility of winning half of the $12-million jackpot.

But subsequently than he got home, Robertson said Thibeault “made it certain” they did not win, according to the affidavit.

Four days unfriendly, he left for encounter and did not compensation. In court documents, Robertston alleges she came blazing to locate his clothes and passport considering.

“When I see benefits, I recall that he did regarding 15 great sum of laundry of every share of one his clothes the night prior  as if he was preparing to pack occurring and depart,” she make worse.

Robertson filed and was decided the court injunction upon Sept. 28. She alerted the OLG to the quarrel more than the jackpot.

An ‘office pool’ matter

Pickard clarified that her allegation to the surviving prize money is based upon their years of playing the lottery together and has “nothing to ham it happening furthermore than marital status.”

“It’s not that they were common perform. The issue here is that they were partners in purchasing tickets, deeply much gone an office pool issue,” he said. “They didn’t care amid themselves who went to the origin to make a get of the ticket. They just knew that they were buying their ticket, together. They had always finished that and whenever they had bought a ticket they had always shared the winnings.”

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