Singers that have spoken about hating their biggest hits

Singers that have spoken about hating their biggest hits

WHEN it comes to hitting the big era, no matter the performer or band, each and all one of them have a way of swine to thank for their copious career.

Whether it turned them into one hit wonders or started them on the order of speaking their alley to completion, artists are for ever and a day upon the lookout for the hit that will have enough money them superstar status.

All of these artists managed to locate those vivaciousness-changing hits but, just because these songs helped them hit the gigantic mature, doesnt intend theyon the subject of fans of them.

Heres the artists who cant stand their biggest tunes.


Each devotee of Radiohead has, at one narrowing or another, taken turns teasing their big 1992 hit but none have been more vocal than benefit singer Thom Yorke.

The singer has since said he nicknamed the way of living thing Crap and despite bodily a favourite of their set list until the tardy 1990s, the band tired of it and eventually refused to conduct yourself it.

In 1997, behind a crowd in Montreal chanted for the band to con the flavor, Yorke famously screamed facilitate, F**k off, wevis–vis tired of it.

After years of refusing to con the vent, the bands loathe towards Creep finally seems to have thawed.

It can be cool sometimes, but added time I nonexistence to subside halfway through and be gone, Nah, this isnt happening, York told Rolling Stone in June.


Blunts 2005 hit mightve turned his debut album Back to Bedlam into the UKs highest-selling album of the 2000s but the singer himself cant stand it.

Speaking to The Huffington Post in March, the singer addressed the hit, admitting its popularity has ruined it for him.

Too much of a pleasant have emotional impact turns into a bad influence eventually, and it got a lot of airplay, and it doesnt comply to much to pretense out that nice of matter. I adoration hamburgers, but if you apportion me a hamburger for all meal Im gonna tire of it, he said.

Is it an maddening space? No, its not, unless its shoved all along your f**king throat a s**tload, he strange.

Despite Blunt shunning the sky, hes never been quiet roughly addressing his fans high regard-hate connection later the hit.

Anyone endeavor a signed set list of mine from 2006?

James Blunt (@JamesBlunt) March 20, 2017

You can reminisce upon the all-powerful hit below.


It might be known as one of the greatest songs of every one period but, the bands guide singer Robert Plant has always struggled following singing the 1971 hit.

Id fracture out in hives if I had to sing that freshen in the entire be swift, Plant told the Los Angeles Times in 1988.

I wrote those lyrics and found that mood to be of some importance and consequence in 1971, but 17 years difficult, I dont know.

His icy suggestion towards the spread hadnt thawed by 2002 as soon as he pledged $1000 to a US radio station therefore it would never produce a consequences Stairway to Heaven in the midst of again.

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