The E.U. never even considered letting in U.S. travelers. That and how bad Americas outbreak is.

“If we started talking approximately making exceptions for countries that be of the same mind a lot of tourism, even though they have a lot of coronavirus cases, that would not be the right admission,” an E.U. diplomat said.

Asked very about reports last week that the U.S. would likely be excluded from the unlimited list, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a briefing that the U.S. had been on the go with its “buddies in Europe and the E.U. proper to determine how it is we can best safely reopen international travel.”

While he said it was “every one of important” for the American and European economies to reconnect, he didn’t throbbing to reopen in a pretentiousness “that jeopardizes the United States,” and “we don’t problem to protest for anywhere else.”

None of the European negotiators brought to the table specific countries they wanted to insert. Rather, they outlined the criteria first back seeing which countries fit them, the diplomats said.

The first bar countries had to appendix was having the same rate of supplementary coronavirus cases or demean as the European average, which stands at vis–vis 15 per 100,000 people on peak of the with 14 days.

By contrast, the U.S. had re 145 cases per 100,000 people during that mature, according to E.U. data  overshooting the threshold in the region of 10 era.

As many as 54 countries passed the initial hurdle, according to a draft list seen by NBC News during the negotiations last week.

That was whittled all along after the Europeans looked at whether each country’s infection rate was increasing or decreasing and how obedient its admin was just approximately auxiliary issues, such as accurate reporting, consider, surveillance and social isolation.

For example, the central Asian country of Tajikistan says that its coronavirus infection rate is decreasing and that it’s out cold the European average. So it made the initial list of 54 countries, along moreover India, Turkey, Cuba, Venezuela and dozens of others.

But according to the list, Tajikistan and many added countries have relatively poor IHR scores, relating to the International Health Regulations set out by the World Health Organization, which looks at a host of tally factors similar to a country’s health care system.

When every part of of those criteria were related, the unqualified list of 15 was left standing, finally definitely to by E.U. ambassadors late Friday and confirmed and unveiled Tuesday.

An E.U. spokesperson declined to comment upon why the new criteria of reciprocity had been applied to China. But two E.U. diplomats operational in the negotiations said the tallying ensue was included because of continued non-belief in the midst of some European countries not quite the hard-to-confirm correctness of China’s coronavirus data.

The conclusive list means any non-E.U. citizen animate in a country that isn’t upon the list won’t be allowed in until the issue where they living changes. Exceptions summative health care workers, diplomats, military personnel and people behind associates matters that they can prove are urgent.

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But that’s not the decrease of it.

Already, cracks in European concurrence are arrival to function, as soon as Italy, one of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus, saw within hours of the advertisement that it would opt out of the nonbinding list. Only members of the 26-adherent Schengen Area  which allows passport-pardon travel within Europe  will be allowed in, it said.

“The global business remains terribly well ahead,” Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza said. “We must prevent the sacrifices made by Italians in recent months conscious thing in vain.”

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