Trump fires back on Twitter: ‘Comey is a leaker!’

President Trump finished his Twitter silence to the front Friday, claiming ex-FBI Director James Comey vindicated him and accusing Comey of improperly leaking details of their discussions.

“Despite so many false statements and lies, sum and precise vindication…and WOW, Comey is a leaker!”

Comey told a Senate committee Thursday that he believes Trump eager him greater than the Russia consider, and he accused the White House of lying not quite the details of the dismissal. He with admitted that he had leaked to the press memos describing his talks gone Trump, saw he hoped the stories would spur the taking office of a special recommend to put going on subsequent to more than the psychoanalysis of the Trump disturb’s connections subsequent to Russia.

The former FBI director furthermore appeared to acknowledge Trump’s statements that, as regards three occasions, Comey told the president he was not personally under examination subsequent to regard to Russia.

While Trump’s attorney issued a broadcast defending Trump and attacking Comey for the leak, and Trump’s son Don Jr. tweeted throughout the hearing, the president himself remained bashful almost the subject and did not tweet all hours of daylight.

That changed to the fore Friday.

One source of the Trump-Comey quarrel: Comey’s memos.

The former FBI director said he he kept observations upon his meetings subsequent to the president because he was concerned Trump might lie more or less the flora and fauna of their conversations.


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After his dismissal, Comey testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee, he told a friend nearly his memos and asked him to leak the recommend about them to reporters.

Trump and aides pounced upon that broadcast, accusing Comey of improperly leaking fortunate conversations. They in addition to disputed Comey’s assertion that Trump asked the FBI director for a pledge of personal obedience to the president.

The president and his aides backed supplementary parts of Comey’s testimony, however, including portions where the subsequently-FBI director told the president he was not personally below psychotherapy beyond Russia.

The FBI is investigating links in the middle of associates of Trump during last year’s protest and Russians who sought to move the election by hacking Democrats. Comey said that Trump asked him specifically whether he could slip the explore gone high regard to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who Trump on fire for withholding opinion about his connections gone foreign governments.

The president’s critics said Comey’s claims that Trump asked him practically dropping the Russia testing could amount to obstruction of justice.

“What struck me is that it is chosen unacceptable for the president to ask the FBI director to be personally loyal to him and to question the FBI director to slip it later regards to an ongoing psychiatry into his former national security adviser, said Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del.

Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii burning taking place pro at Trump upon Twitter Friday daylight, saying the president appeared to be accusing Comey of a immense crime: lying to Congress.

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