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Its 2 pm at South Lakes Safari zoo. Free dealings! reads the gay banner tacked as regards to the rustic wooden pretentiousness in entry. Hand feed a baby giraffe! But these enticements seem to have missed their mark today: Im the on your own visitor. The gigantic dispel shop filled mostly later stuffed animals is vacant of humans. The 20 associates meal deals at the Maki zoo restaurant remain untouched. I trudge taking place the long, round passage, p.s. sodden vultures hunched considering coiled acid wire, pacing gigantic cats and many upbeat, brightly coloured signs telling me the names all the animals have been correctness. The zoos miniature train is not in operation today, due to a nonexistence of passengers.

Why is no one here? Perhaps because its a rainy, grey Wednesday in March. More likely, even if, its the unsettling reports that have been appearing past last June.

When the zoos licence came going on for renewal last summer, paperwork inspectors revealed that 486 animals had died along along amid December 2013 and September 2016, many of them in cruel circumstances. The zoo had already been in the headlines because, upon 24 May 2013, a 23-year-primeval zookeeper, Sarah McClay, was mauled to death by a Sumatran tiger; the behind year, the zoo was fined 255,500 lead fees by the courts for the health and safety breaches that resulted in her death. David Gill, the 55-year-very old millionaire who founded the 50-acre zoo in 1994, was not personally found guilty.

In the first six months of 2016, 13 animals died of trauma, three starved, a lemur drowned, a jaguar chewed off its paw

Among the animal deaths highlighted by the inspectors last year were: two baby snow leopards, Miska and Natasja, found partially eaten by new leopards in their enclosure; a rhino crushed to death by its colleague; a dead stasher monkey stranded as well as a radiator; an African spurred tortoise that had been electrocuted when it became entangled in electric fencing. Poison used to treat rat infestations had led to the death of two (shadowy) zoo animals. Lemurs and nature had been control more than and killed by the miniature train. Visitors had sustained monkey bites.

The council demanded a more detailed inventory of animal deaths: inspectors found in the first six months of 2016 alone, five inca terns had died from exposure to vibes, an alpaca from hypothermia, a lemur drowned, a bird had been euthanised after its beak was uncharacteristic by a macaw; 13 appendage animals had died from trauma, and three from starvation. A jaguar named Saka had chewed off its own paw after damaging it upon damage glass and exposed nails. Gills lawyer said his client no longer wanted to control the proficiency, but did not sore it to close to the fore a subsidiary company had a licence ascribed.

In the related month the gloss was published, the Captive Animals Protection Society visited the zoo and published photographs of an emaciated kangaroo and penguins sweltering in the 29C summer heat in an empty pool.

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Written by Jessica Rose

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