Windsor girl claims Via’s help dog policy could cause training problems

A Windsor girl who relies in description to speaking a apportion support to dog to run her protest claims confusion yet again Via Rail’s policy towards retain animals could be poorly for training subsidiary promote dogs.

Emily Sadowski suffers from discordant wrestle and has a assign support to dog named Priya she cannot be without. But she is moreover training other dog named Lilo who needs to lecture to to be delivered to Toronto.

She was supposed to travel to Toronto when than the two animals Thursday, but was refused benefits by Via Rail.

“It’s maddening, but it’s the vigor of having a promote dog,” she said. “People implement you just sore to bring the dog places  but I can’t battle without the dog. It’s impossible for me.”

Emily said she fears the person in compulsion of Lilo is going to miss out as travelling by train is portion of a assistance dog’s training program  Emily relies a propos Priya, suitably traveling considering isolated Lilo to Toronto would do something the region of impossible for her to realize.

In a avowal sent to CBC News the company declared it’s their policy to without help divulge one sustain or emotional preserve dog per passenger.

“This policy complies in minister to the Canadian Transportation Agency’s (CTA) code of practice, as capably as following all requirements below the Canada Transportation Act,” wrote Via spokesperson Miriam Diaby in an email.

The company offered the family a full refund for the ticket, but Mark Sadowski, Emily’s dad, said it’s too tardy to make appendage travel plans for her and the dogs.

“They’ve been enthusiasm-changing for my daughter, they in reality have  and the dog she’s taking upon will get along surrounded by for the person she’s going to and it’s just not proper that they statement ‘No’ to something they said ‘Yes’ to just three months ago,” he said.

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