Final Thoughts more or less speaking the Oklahoma Sooners Coaching Change

Its been two weeks to the fore the smokes cleared about the departure of the former Oklahoma Sooners head coach. Now a week into the Brent Enables tenure, we concerning beginning to see a seek formulate as to what his coaching staff will see back. We concerning speaking along with seeing a scheme unfold regarding the recruiting trail as Enables and his staff shift their focus to talents in the southeast, namely in Florida.

Its a added hours of daylight in Norman as the long-aimless son of Oklahoma Football returns to reignite a program that had been trending in the wrong processing back Lincoln Riley was named the head coach.

As we perspective the page as regards speaking one report and begin to write a auxiliary one, here are some unadulterated thoughts upon the coaching modify.

Adios Lincoln

And following a vapor in the wind, Lincoln Riley took himself out west to coach the Trojans. What felt in the appearance of a big loss at the epoch, turned speedily into optimism as the Oklahoma Sooners leadership narrowed their search and began to put together their coaching staff.

Riley had a suitable tenure gone the Oklahoma Sooners, but the deficiency of longevity will save his publicize from subconscious mentioned following the Sooners legends of the accumulation. Longevity and allegiance at Oklahoma impinge on. And Riley didn’t fighting either after just five seasons at the helm.

But as the photograph album closes upon one grow antique, a added one begins and from the looks of things, Oklahoma leadership couldn’t have ended a improved job.

The Right Man for the Job

Brent Enables returned to Norman as soon as the fanfare that typically awaits the conquering hero returning from scuffle. Now, in Enables decade away from the Oklahoma Sooners, he did go toe-to-toe subsequent to Alabama and came out upon peak upon fused occasions, winning two national championships.

As Oklahoma prepares for its eventual touch to the SEC, they’ve got a boy whos taken the length of the best that conference has been skillful in the future occurring following the child support for. The Enables-led Oklahoma Sooners wont alarm clock anyone in imitation of they make their shape to the Southeastern Conference and that nice of stuff matters.

Starting Fresh

At first it looked as if the Oklahoma Sooners might sticking together some of their staff upon the defensive side of the ball. Several of the assistants had cronies to Oklahoma and to Enables, but as last week went along, one scarf in crime after another began to find injury elsewhere. Calvin Thibodeaux left for SMU. Brian Odom and Jamar Cain found auxiliary jobs bearing in mind USC.

That leaves Brent Enables to remake the defensive staff in his image as he attempts to reinvigorate the Oklahoma Sooners excuse. Hess appendage Ted Roof, Miguel Chavis, and reportedly Brandon Hall. The staff isn’t unventilated to being unmovable, but its a begin.

Offensive Staff Retained

Though Dennis Simmons went to USC, much of the new detestable staff was retained. DeMarco Murray, Cale Gundy, Joe Jon Finley, and Bill Bedenbaugh were kept upon staff as Brent Enables brought in Jeff Libby to be the repulsive coordinator.

One could argue that they were kept in place for recruiting continuity, but that would be selling sudden how enjoyable these guys are at their jobs and what they strive for to the program.

About to admit advance to Old Times

The compensation of Jerry Schmidt brought put occurring to some fabulous memories from former Sooners who trained sedated the legendary strength and conditioning coach. Schmidt, who became a Sooners icon through his tough workouts, helped pave the showing off for the decade and a half rule of completion during the Bob Stoops period.

There was a toughness and attitude that came from those teams. A relentless energy that continued to fight all second of all game. The Sooners are roughly to recompense to the level of height above sea level above sea level that came subsequent to the Enables tenure by now he left for Clemson.

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